Step 1


You'll want to gather your supplies. You'll need a pair of scissors (not pictured), a shabby flower (or 2 or 3), 1 felt circle per shabby flower, elastic (see sizing chart), a hot glue gun and a lighter.

Headband Sizing Chart:

Preemie 12 inches
Newborn 13 inches
0-6 months 14 inches
6-12 months 15 inches
12 months - toddler 16 inches
Older children - Adult 17 inches

Step 2


First off, use your scissors to trim the flower. Get as much of the netting off as you can without cutting the flower. Then, if you want, take a lighter and burn off any excess netting. When burning the netting be very quick and careful as it is easy to burn the flower.

Step 3


Place hot glue down on 1/2 of the felt and lay down some elastic.

Step 4


Then, using care to keep the elastic straight, glue down the other side of the elastic. At this point you already have a headband!

Step 5


Place glue all over the felt circle and lay down the flower. After this your headband is done!



You're done!